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Walter Construction provides all of our services at the most efficient rate as possible. 


Walter Construction only uses the most modern, safe, and effective methods to complete your restoration project.


Walter Construction delivers the results that you simply will not achieve by using any other company in the area. 

Residential & Commercial Roof Repair

We know that often times some of the most important things go right over your head. Walter Construction knows the importance of a healthy roof. Ensuring a damage free asset provides long term safety and stress savings. Walter Construction
only works with the industries most looked after experts to complete our clients home or business. Click the button below to get in touch for your complimentary Residential or Commercial Roof Repair Project. 

Seamless Gutter Installation & Repair

Even the littlest things need some attention. Seamless Gutter repairs and installation are our specialty. We know that you are looking for that professional, and functional touch for your gutters. Walter Construction has years of experience
using only the highest quality materials to complete the job right the first time. Click the button below to get in touch with our team of experts!

REsidential & Commercial Siding

Siding give your home the professional look that you are looking for. Whether it is for Residential or Commercial applications. We have a siding expert on staff to help steer you into the right direction. Get in touch for your consultation

Window Installation & Repair

We understand that repairing your house in its entirety is very important. Avoid picky contractors that have limited service capabilities. We have a window expert who is eager to learn more about your project. Click the button below to get
in touch with a industry expert!

Residential & Commercial Paint

Yes we do it all! Walter Construction only uses the highest quality painting materials to apply or restore the paint to your assets. Our teams of installers have been industry trained to produce time proven results job after job. Rest easy
knowing you have Colorado’s painting professionals on your team!

responsive design

With all of the services that we offer, we are sure that our one of a kind design process will allow you to achieve the results that you have imagined. Whether you are getting in touch for a Residential or Commercial purpose, the experts
at Walter Construction have you covered!

Services That just work

Walter Construction has perfected the customer service process through our years of experience. We have mastered the art of making the restoration or repair process as simple and painless as possible. Our industry experts will undoubtedly
be your best choice for any of your residential and commercial roof repair needs. 

drag and drop

In such a technological world, wouldn’t it be nice to have a contractor that makes a process feel as easy as drag and drop. Walter Construction has mastered the home restoration and business repair processes. Get in touch with our roofing,
siding, window, paint, and gutter specialists to learn more today!

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